Here you’ll find a quick description of a few Sangrarian people, places and things.  Not all of them, certainly, but hopefully the ones you’re looking for.

Arra – the sun of Heaven

Belecontar the Winking Star – a star in Esel and home to Celetran, the Lady of Esel and Annumbra the World Walker.  After fathering Bangal upon the Lady, Sudnar remained with her in the star.

Darkhold – the center of the world in the Elder Days, Erlik’s stronghold and later his prison

Darkstar – Erlik’s home since the Reckoning, a star in Esel

Dolforro – dolphin men of the Elder Days who lived in underwater cities made of coral reefs sung up from the ocean floor.

Earthsong – Spirit’s ley lines after Nyllen the Minstrel played music into them.  When the world was remade in the Reckoning without Spirit’s magik, the earthsong was lost.

Edda – one of Sangrar’s three suns, the first watch of the day was named after Edda

Elder Races – the ninety-eight races populating Sangrar in the Elder Days.

Elvetur – the great forest of the Elder Days

Eye of Sangrithar, the – the God-Emperor’s symbol is Sangrithar’s seven pointed star with an eye in the center.  The star represents Gloryngael, his seat of power, and the eye, his omniscience.  Ooh, it gives me chills.


Fanar – the main continent of Sangrar during the Age of Man

Firstborn – the first member of each Elder Race, brought to life by the Craeylu in the Pool of Life

Gloryngael – the palace of the God-Emperors in Sangrithar

Hali Halvyl – the Lord Warden (general) over Sangrithar’s legions.  The hero of the Scales over Sangrithar trilogy.

Imma – one of Sangrar’s three suns, the middle watch of the day was named after Imma

Jahar – where the Firstborn landed

Leyrantha – the Stones at Jahar, Leyrantha was the largest ring of Stone

Moons – Velya, Vylna and Vorya were the three moons of Sangrar

Olla – one of Sangrar’s three suns, the last watch of the day was named after Olla.

Path of the Reborn – a mystic road connecting Sangrar to Heaven, first appearing during the Reckoning.  People of the Elder Races may take the Path when they become weary of the world.

Pearl Throne – the seat of power for Sangrithar’s God-Emperor, which rests in the throne room Tintammil.  Queen Averanda fashioned the throne from a giant pearl she found on the bottom of Belgrith Harbor.

Ravirs – dog-men of the Elder Days, these gifted channelers lived in the Valleys of the Suns near Jahar.

Reckoning of the Planes – The name give to the period of time between the Age of Tears and the Age of Man.  The Reckoning, as it is usually called, began when Kandol pulled down the Darkhold and ended with the Primals remaking the world.

Renk – the greatest city-state on Tyrnavalle during the latter centuries of the Age of Man.  The Renk calendar begins where the Sangritharian calendar leaves off.

Sangrar – the world

Sangrithar – the greatest empire on Fanar during the Age of Man.  Also the name of the empire’s capitol.

Secondborn – the first generation of each Elder Race, they slept until found by their Firstborn.

Sildar – a silver-barked tree native to the Outermost Heavens resembling a birch.

Sorcery – magik practiced in the Elder Days and in the Age of Man, by the Elder Races and later by man.  Sorcerers could draw power from the Spires of Thought, which derived power from the Flame in the Void.  In the Age of Man, Harnor constructed the Towers of Sorcery on Sangrar to buffer human sorcerers from the full power of the Spires.  Some of the more powerful sorcerers belonging to the Elder Races could bypass the Towers of Sorcery.

Spires of Thought – Harnor’s towers in Heaven, the heart of sorcery.

Stones – rings of Stones like your Stonehenge imbued with earthsong.  The Stones kept the chains of earthsong imprisoning Erlik tight.

Suns – Edda, Imma and Olla were Sangrar’s three Suns.  Arra was the Sun of Heaven.

Test of the Stones – all channelers came to Leyrantha on their one hundredth birthday to take the Test of the Stones until Andis passed the test and was revealed as the Earth Mother’s High Priestess and eyes of the world.

Thar who was Umbar – see Umbar.

Tintammil  – the throne room in Gloryngael

Tyrnavalle – a smaller sub-continent south of Fanar.  The first human colonists settling Tyrnavalle were led by Hali after the fall of the God-Emperors.

Umbar – lord of sea and storm, a god.  He fell to earth after battling his brother, mad Rabyn, also a sea god and woke up with a big bump on the back of his head and no memory.  Raena found him, named him Thar and married him.  Thar transformed Raena’s small fishing village into Empire of Sangrithar.

Velya – the first of Sangrar’s three moons.

Vorya – the third of Sangrar’s three moons.

Vylna – the second of Sangrar’s three moons.

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