Sangritharian History

Sangrithar was the greatest empire on Fanar for close to five millenia.   Telling you everthing that happened over that period could fill volumes, but to save you time, I’ve prepared this digest for your perusal.

The Sangrithar years can be divided into five distinct eras (SY):

1 – 131    The years of Thar who was Umbar, the counting of these years began with Thar’s fall to Sangrar and ended with his ascension to the Heavens, with his memories restoried and holy Raena at his side.  Year 1 SY was the 1800th year since the Age of Mankind began.

131 – 702   The years of the Three Queens, so named for Averanda, Evyrene and Avara, the three queens who sat upon the Pearl Throne until Korak’s Invasion, when Avara was slain and Ardyval was lost, or so it was believed.

702 – 1984  The Silver Age of Sangrithar, as the era of the Priest-Kings was called.  After Avara’s death, her cousin Dynrael (who was already priest) became king over  Sangrithar as well and he adopted the title Priest-King.

1984 – 3918  The Golden Age of Sangrithar, as the era of the God-Emperors was known.  Ataryl the First (called that because he was the first God-Emperor) was the child of Arlyn (Avara’s lost heir) and Gwynndyl, last of the Priest-Kings (yes, you’re right, Gwynndyl was more accurately a Priestess-Queen, but Sangrithar wasn’t a completely gender neutral society).  The Golden Age lasted until Arvyl’s Folly, the ill-fated campaign taking place in the fetid swamps of the Shadowgrim.

3918 – 4726  The Cursed Years.   The starting point of this era was hotly contested.  Arvyl took the Pearl Throne in the year 3892 and he ruled until 4141, when his son Tormyn Blackheart succeeded him.  The curse did not manifest until Tormyn took the god-fire, but I consider the beginning of this era the year 3918, which is when Arvyl took his armies east to the Shadowgrim.   That is when the curse was born, so it seemed to me the best choice.

4726 – 6526  The Republic Years.  After Hali defeated the God-Emperor, the Empire of Sangrithar was divided into three nations:  Sangrithar, Ambisant (the territory east of the River Andurant) and Sidonia (north of the Ssural River, including the northern reaches of the Harrowmeet and the Swordfist Plains).  An elected council ruled the new nation of Sangrithar,  The leader of the council (titled Lord of the Vaulted Dome, the name given to Tintammil) was determined in a trial by combat in Old Town’s Coliseum.

Additional historical information on Sangrithar is available following the links below:

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Sangritharian holidays – a partial list of holy days celebrated in Sangrithar during the time of Hali.

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