The Realms of Heaven

The Outermost Heavens: the most ancient realm of the Gods and where the spirits of the Elder Races came to rest when they were slain or wearied of the world.

The Blessed Kingdom:  a realm established by Finbardin after the Reckoning of the Planes and home for the spirits of Mankind judged worthy by Bangal in the Halls of the Dead.

The Bridge of Heaven, aka The Bridge of Stars: The Bridge of Heaven connects the Outermost Heavens and the Blessed Kingdom.  The Crystal Palace, home of the Vanara is at the foot of the bridge and is the final bastion of defense against the Dark Lord.  The bridge terminates at the Gates of Heaven, beyond which lie the Outermost Heavens.

The Gates of Heaven:  These massive gates bar the way into Heaven.  They were raised by Finbardin early in the Days of Creation and rested between the Firmament and the Outermost Heavens.  After the Reckoning of the Planes, they also stood at the far end of the Bridge of Heaven.

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