Elder Races Overview

The Elder Races:  the Craeylu brought forth the people of Sangrar at the beginning of the Years of Glory.  Each God blessed each race with the gifts described below, though each race received them in different proportions.  The Firstborn of each race was raised up from the Pool of Life.

God Gift
Aeriel Free will
Deridean Wisdom, to better use Aeriel’s gift
Lillandra Reproduction
Aerdran Earthsong
Harnor Sorcery, Language
Grandar Art and passion
Nyllen Curiosity and inventiveness
Finbardin Eternal life, time, strength and will to endure

There were 99 Elder Races and 101 Firstborn (the Harnae had three Firstborn), and the mightiest were the Fair Folk, the Forge Folk and the Harnae.  Some of the better known are listed below, including some that will sound familiar.  It’s not uncommon for races to repeat among the Greater Realm’s infinity of worlds.

Elder Race Firstborn Location Patron
Centaurs Kwyrrl Rolling Meadows Humak
Dolforro Perlinora Gulf of Noontide Rabyn
Dwarves (Forge Folk) Dar Highfather Mounts of the Forge Folk Grandar
Elves (Fair Folk) Nammoran Elvetur Nyllen
Gnomes Gnarlish Green Hills Celetran
Halflings Hallo Westlands Solare
Harnae Atar, Nim, Harrah Grove of the Silver Birch Harnor
Leptrechauns Seamus Elvetur Sudnar
Pangral Lazerai Crystal Caves Norath
Ravirs Shandilar Valleys of Morning Earth Mother
Satyrs Byl Elvetur Garruth
Tympani Tanta Ryndall Forest Shamran
Wood nymphs Deirdre Elvetur Spollnar

Dolforro (dole-for-row) – a race of sorcerous dolphin men who could transform their tails into legs if they wished to come ashore.  They breathed water normally, and could breath air with the aid of their song-riddled sorcery.  A dorsal fin grew from their backs, their arms ended in webbed hands and they had black eyes that looked out past bottle shaped noses sporting bushy whiskers.  Their sorcerers embedded seashells in their skin in the runic patterns.  The favored race of Rabyn, they lived in the coral cities of Calisende, sung into existence by Queen Perllinora the Firstborn, and Dellavende, sung from the ocean floor by her son Prince Sunome.

Harnae (harr-nigh) – a race of powerful sorcerers, brought into being by Harnor.  The Triad, as they were also called, lived apart from the other Elder Races in the enchanted grove of the Silver Birch.  All three Harnae were Firstborn, Atar and Harrah, brothers and husbands to their sister-wife, Nim.  They looked much like the Men seen in the Prophecies of the Ages.

Pangral (pan-grahl) – a race of large winged cat people with white leathery bat wings.  They were the favored race of the Seeress and lived in the Crystal Caves near Aux.  Lazerai, their Queen and Firstborn, was trained by the Seeress and her ability to see Aux’s visions was second only to the Goddess’s.

Ravirs (ray-vurrs) – a race of humanoid dog men, living in burrows near Jahar, where they served their patron, the Maiden.  Shandilar the Firstborn served Her as the High Priest of Leyrantha from the time of the Congress until the Stones revealed the true High Priestess.

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