Obviously, I can’t describe every place and time in the world.  Yes, I am immortal, but there are limits, especially when you consider the dimension of time.  No world is static.  They are constantly changing, constantly evolving.  Nations rise and fall, civilizations come and go.  Consider your 20th century.  How many times have European borders shifted?  Now consider a world as long-lived as Sangrithar and imagine how daunting a task I faced.  I’m not complaining mind you, it is my job after all and a better job I couldn’t ask for, but still, I did have to make some choices, as much for organization as anything else.

The Heavens – Like the borders of countries, the Realms of Heaven have changed with the turning of the ages.  In here, you’ll find descriptions of the Heavens spanning the ages.

Sangrar v1.0 – yes, the world is named Sangrar, but this section is reserved specifically for Sangrar of the Elder Days, which was a smaller world than the one I was born into.

Sangrithar – Sangrithar was the name of both the greatest empire the world ever knew and the empire’s capitol.   It flourished during the Age of Man, beginning with the arrival of Thar who was Unbar in the year 1800 and ending with the toppling of the God-Emperors in 6725.  This section includes information spanning these years while concentrating on the state of the empire during the time of Hali.

Tyrnavalle – the sub-continent of Tyrnavalle remained uninhabited wilderness during the early millenia of the Age of Man.   After the fall of the Sangritharian Empire, refugees came to the shores of the sub-continent and founded several new kingdoms.  In time, the city-state of Renk rose as the greatest of them.  This section includes information on Renk and other kingdoms of Tyrnvalle during the two millenia following the empire’s demise.

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