Tyrnavalle Chronicles

A year by year history of Tyrnavalle, with an emphasis on the northern half of the sub-continent.  Once Hali arrived from Sangrithar, that’s where the action was.

Section 1 contains notes on Tyrnavalle prior to year 1 RT

Section 2 covers the period 1 – 405 RT, the first wave of Tyrnavalle expansion, an  age of exploration that came to an end when the Kingdom of Halitai failed.

Section 3 covers the period 405 – 1205 RT, the second wave of Tyrnvalle  expansion, an age of pioneering and settlement that ended with the barbarian conquest of Tyrnavalle.

Section 4 covers the period 1205 – 1494 RT, the third age of Tyrnvalle’s history covers the barbarian occupation.

Section 5 covers the period 1494 – 1991 RT, from the overthrow of the barbarians until the last, modern era beginning when Galamark became Lord of Renk.

Section 6 covers the period 1991 – 2127 RT, from the time of Galamark until the Long Night began.

Calendar Notes:  Several calendars tracked the passage of time on Sangrar.  The Sangritharian and Renk calendars are used most commonly.

AoM – Age of Mankind years, which began when Mankind awakened.

SY – Sangrithar years, which began when Thar who was Umbar  fell from Heaven.  SY 1 is AoM 1800.  This calendar ended in 4726 SY, when the Pearl Throne toppled.

RY – Renk Years, which began when Hali came south from Fanar and settled Tyrnvalle.  RY 1, SY 4726 and AoM 6525 are all the same year.   Originally, this calendar was attributed to Halitai, but after that kingdom fell and Renk rose to prominence, Renk co-opted the calendar and renamed the years Renk Years (RY).  That’s how Renk ended up being founded in 26 RY

BR – Before Renk.  A convention for referring to events on Tyrnavalle prior to Hali settling the sub-ccontinent, similar to your BC/BCE era.   Fanarian history counts the years according to the Age of Mankind or Sangrithar; it never employs this method of counting

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