Elven Rings of Power

Candarra (kan-dar-ruh) – The Stones of Indalle, tended by the priestess Valdethya, a High Elf.

Endartha (enn-dar-tha) – The Stones of Alyrre, tended by the priestess Lyronie, a Light Elf.

Kylldahar (kill-dah-har) – The Stones of the Aerie, tended by the priestess Neldynna, a Mist Elf.

Leyrantha (lay-ran-thuh) – The great Stones of Jahar, tended by the High Priestess Andis, a High Elf.

Najahar (nah-juh-har)The Stones of Nammovalle, tended by Calavenna and later Kandol, both High Elves.


Syndartha (sin-dar-thuh) – the Stones of Elwarre, tended by the priestess Feldyrra, a Wood Elf.

Taljirra (tahl-jeer-rah) – The Stones of Jali, tended by the priestess Pinyry, a Sea Elf.

Tethahar (teh-thuh-har) – The Stones of Elrasirre, tended by the priestess Russylla, a Wild Elf.

Xandalar (zan-duh-lar) – The Stones of Halidar, tended by the priestess Russylla, a Wild Elf.  Haleya sealed this ring when his people abandoned Halidar for Elrasirre.

In addition to the Rings of Power listed above, there were many others on Sangrar in the Elder days.   Some of them were wild and untended, such as the ring where Nammath and Andis met or the ring Kandol found after leaving the Silver Birch, but priestesses from the different Elder Races tended the others.  The Grey Elves, who prayed to the Maiden in small family groups, knew the location of many of the Elvetur’s hidden rings.

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