It’s not really fair, or accurate, to pretend that this section has history, only history and all the history.  In a sense, this entire encyclopedia is devoted to history in that Sangrar will have no future moments, only moments that already were.  But, because Sangrar never truly existed (it was erased after the Prophecies were fulfilled) you could also argue that there’s not a drop of history anywhere on on this website, that it’s all a bunch of … ahem, excuse me … I was about to say fiction, not that word you were thinking of.

For the moment, let’s just put that aside.  There’s plenty of history throughout the website and I’ll admit, it’s not that well organized.  As a chronicler, I’m more writer than librarian.  I don’t have the best organizational skills and frankly, the Dewey decimal system scares the crap out of me.  I’m incapable of neatly carving up my world into a thousand distinct classes, divisions and sections.  Mere categorization cannot remove ambiguity from the world.

So … in this section you’ll find general history about the world – not the history of the gods (that you’d find under mythology) and not the history of magik (that you’d find under magik), but general world history, timelines and lists and such, you will find here.

In an admitted  stretch of my limited taxonomical skills, I’ve split the topic into three parts, all of which could be found in the library under the 999 section (Dewey reserved that number for extra-terrestrial worlds).  I wonder how that filing system will hold up in the future, when everything is saved and it’s all digital?

History of the Elder Days

History of Fanar and the Sangrithar Empire

History of Tyrnavalle and Renk

 Also, some summary documents to provide context:

Historical eras – Age of Beginnings, Years of Glory, blah blah blah.  Is it all a bunch of gobblety gook to you?  If so, here’s cheat sheet.

High level timeline – it’s all here, from landing at Jahar to the Long Night.  There’s even a dash of Tirel thrown in, and it’s all done in less than 3 pages.

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