Which Cleveland sports team has you most jazzed?

Being a Cleveland sports fan isn’t exactly easy, not after forty nine years and counting since our beloved Browns brought home the city’s last championship trophy.  Like most of you, I’m tired of losing seasons, changing regimes (remember when regime change meant a coup in some third world country?), new front office staff, revolving coaches, philosophies and players. Continue reading

Platform, platform, platform

I began writing fiction in 2002.  For five years, I wrote most nights and nearly every weekend, completed two novels and started a third.  I slowed down after that, the day job was taking too much of my time, until my boss’s irrational need to quickly reduce the size of his leadership team provided a way out with a soft landing.  I left my company just shy of my 26th work anniversary and began writing full-time in 2010.  Well, almost full time, not counting an ideal consulting gig resulting in a one year detour from my writing goals. Continue reading

Announcing chrisgarsonwrites.com

A long time in the making, chrisgarsonwrites.com is finally here!

Some of you have been hearing me talk about “that novel” for the past decade.  The truth is, I’ve written four.  The first two, I’m not too pleased with so you won’t find them here until I’ve rewritten them.  The two most recently completed ones, The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly and Madness Ascendantare available now to sample and purchase.

You’ll find plenty of other content here.  The World of Sangrar section contains an online encyclopedia for my fantasy setting.  Shorter Work includes my short stories, memoirs and management essays. My random thoughts are in the “From Chris” blog.

Enjoy and share!  chris

The Prophecies of the Ages

“The Years of Making shall unfold as you do our will and prepare the world for the Elder Races.  The Firmament shall be raised for the Suns and Stars and you shall make the Gods of Light.  The Pattern of the Seasons shall be made and the Elder Races shall arise, bringing with them the Years of Glory and the Elder Days, which shall be great beyond imagining.  Songs praising them shall echo to the stars and back.  Continue reading

Garden of the Gods

This scene is ripped from the pages of Madness Ascendant.  

After leaving the villa, he and Hermyna cut across the Plaza using the Garden of the Gods.  The garden, a magnificent park in the Plaza, was quieter than the bustling Plaza and empty of Averchai.  One of the few places in Sangrithar retaining the glory and splendor of yesteryear, the garden was a gift from Thar who was Umbar before he returned to the Heavens. Continue reading