Introducing Jerilyn Haligar

Who is Jerilyn Haligar?

Jerilyn is a professor of history.  He used to teach at the University of Colcester, where he chaired the department before retiring to the Mountain of Clouds.  Did I mention that Jerilyn is a fictional character?

He’s also the narrator of my novels set in Sangrar.  After surviving the end of the world and seeing the rise of a new one, Jerilyn’s memories begin to fade.  He writes The Tale of Ages to preserve Sangrar’s history before losing his memories entirely. The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly and Madness Ascendant belong to this larger body of work.

Jerilyn is the author of the online World of Sangrar encyclopedia.  Every page in this section of the website, and there are a lot of them, is in his voice, not mine.

Read his story here …

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