The Prophecies of the Ages

“The Years of Making shall unfold as you do our will and prepare the world for the Elder Races.  The Firmament shall be raised for the Suns and Stars and you shall make the Gods of Light.  The Pattern of the Seasons shall be made and the Elder Races shall arise, bringing with them the Years of Glory and the Elder Days, which shall be great beyond imagining.  Songs praising them shall echo to the stars and back.  The Twice Forged Sword shall be made and remade and the Warrior, Prince and Priestess shall rise in times of need.  Yet even so, Darkness shall endure and cast its shadow.  Sorrow shall enter the world, born from love gone wrong, and usher in the Age of Tears.  In the end, the Elder Days shall fade and their majesty shall be lost; only a few shall remain, testament to the kingdoms of old.  Then the Herald shall return and the Girdle shall grow again.  The Age of Man shall follow; the last of our children shall awaken and attain new glories.  The Days of Myth shall unfold and Mankind shall come into its heritage and blanket the earth.  Thus shall the days of Sangrar be fulfilled, until the Gates of Heaven crumble and the Long Night begins.”

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