A long time in the making, is finally here!

Some of you have been hearing me talk about “that novel” for the past decade.  The truth is, I’ve written four.  The first two, I’m not too pleased with so you won’t find them here until I’ve rewritten them.  The two most recently completed ones, The Curse of Arvyl’s Folly and Madness Ascendantare available now to sample and purchase.

You’ll find plenty of other content here.  The World of Sangrar section contains an online encyclopedia for my fantasy setting.  Shorter Work includes my short stories, memoirs and management essays. My random thoughts are in the “From Chris” blog.

Enjoy and share!  chris

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4 thoughts on “Announcing

  1. Great to see that your writing is finally complete (partially). I’ll have to take some time to read it this weekend. Congratulations once again.

    • thanx, Mike. I’ve been gearing up for this for a while. To actually click the button and make it happen is both exciting and somewhat scary!

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