Listen to your heart, Tristan

I’m sure I speak for many Cavalier fans when I tell Tristan Thompson how much I love him in the wine and gold. I love your energy. I love your hustle. I love the way you crash the boards. I love the way you’re there for us, every game. You’re an iron man with endless energy. You’re an energizer bunny. You’re important to this team. You showed us that with your gritty play in the post-season.

I watch every interview you give Ally on Fox Sport, pre- and post-game. I love your sense of humor and your playfulness. It’s obvious to me that you’ve liked being a part of this team the past four years, liked watching this team grow and are proud of contributing to its success.

Your hard play, your tireless work ethic have earned you the right to be fairly compensated for your talents. I want you to enjoy the success you so richly deserve, but listen to your heart, Tristan. I know you want to be here. I know you want to be part of the coming seasons. I know you want to wear a championship ring and the place to get it is Cleveland. If the reports of 5 years, $80 million are accurate, then please take this offer and get back to the business of bringing a championship to this city.

It’s a fair offer. I know it and you know it. You’re not a max player. You’re a very valuable member of the team, but you’re not the team’s first option. You’re not the second option. You’re not the third option. You’re coming off the bench. Take the $80 million. Be the best Sixth Man in the league and get paid well for it. When you’re the ripe old age of 28, sign another huge contract. You and everyone you care about, their children, and their children’s children should live free of financial worries.

Please, Tristan. Listen to your heart. Take the deal. It’s a win win.

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