The Trade

I’m very upset with the Browns right now and I say that knowing there’s a good chance that this trade will look good a year or two down the road. Even if Trent Richardson plays great for the Colts, which I hope he does, the Browns could still come out fine on this one … if they pick the right quarterback. Given the front office’s track record (don’t preach to me about a new regime, I’m tired of the word and besides, they’re all the same), that’s not something anyone should take for granted.
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Livid over Healthcare!

The biggest source of stress I’ve had since leaving Progressive is securing health insurance.  It isn’t easy for someone like me, someone with a history of health issues.

For me, COBRA afforded 18 months of coverage.  For the first 52 weeks, I paid $66 per month, which was the employee share.  For the last 26 weeks, I paid approximately $460/month, which was the employee plus company shares.  I didn’t know how good I had it.
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I forgot what I meant to say …

Today I thought I’d write about … damn it, I just lost that thought I thought I had.  Have you ever wondered why … hey what about what’s going in Syria?  Assad is such a … don’t you just love Headline News?  Did you read about the girl who stabbed her mother 79 times?  Neither did I.  Why bother?  I have problems even counting to 79.  I get bored at 62 or 63 on sunny days.  Will it be sunny today, Al?  That murdering teenager sure has great focus.  I find that admirable.  Why are headlines so great?  To get to other side, of course!  Knock knock jokes are the next best thing.  Only two lines to remember.
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