On Dragons

“Don’t look so surprised by the mention of Dragons, Jerilyn.  I know that a few of the wyrms made lairs on Fanar but most, like me, preferred Tyrnavalle’s solitude, even those spawned by Davyrma.  I suppose I do feel some distant kinship with them, their heritage comes from the Lord of the Spires just as mine does, but I am no more their cousin than you are the butterfly’s.  And, before you ask, I do not hold a grudge against the Seeress for her judgment against my Grandfather.  He got what he deserved for circumventing Finbardin’s will.  In the end, it worked out for the best.  In fulfilling their doom, Dracoris and Davyrma served Finbardin’s will as their father would not.  To tell the truth, I’d tip my hat to the Seeress if I were wearing one.  Her prophetic gaze looked far into the future when she thwarted Harnor.”  The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon

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