On Tyrnavalle

“Honestly, Jerilyn?  I just preferred Tyrnavalle over Fanar.  Besides, why live in Mankind’s crowded cities when I could visit any time I chose?  Far traveling does have its uses, you know.  If I had to guess why, I’d say it was my upbringing.  Our only guest in the Grove was Kandol and he was anything but a frequent visitor.  Valdarag and Aeris were the first of many I planned on entertaining, but Kandol ruined those plans.   Fanar was too noisy for my taste, so I chose Tyrnavalle. For thousands of years, while the kingdoms of Mankind rose and fell on Fanar, Tyrnavalle remained virgin and unexplored.  The first men didn’t step on its shores until well after Ataryl started the God-Emperors’ dynasty.  Before that it was largely unsettled.  A few Elves, led in Hali’s time by one named Haleya, lived in the QuendiForest, scattered survivors of the lost Elven tribes of the Elder Days, and a smattering of other Elder Races dwelled in Tyrnavalle’s hills, vale and weald.  And, of course, there were Dragons.”  The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon 

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