On Elehu

“Though an Elder of Alyrre, I revered all nine Elehu, not just the four lords of the seasons.    Back then we did not accept some and reject others, as your people do.  We embraced all the gods.  Two Elehu forsook their places in the Outermost Heavens by going over to One-Eye and seven remain:  Umbar Lord of Sea and Storm, Yarnor the Ravager, Celetran the Lady of Esel, and the four lords of the seasons.  Umbar you know well.  The Ravager lived atop Mount Xorada, where Elras first made the Twice Forged Sword.  In your age, he strayed far from the thoughts of Mankind and, beyond fathering a Vanara, figured little in your fables.  The last is Celetran, who metes out the gods’ justice from Esel, though the Lady is first in my heart.  More than any of the gods, I have known her and I have loved her.  Like me, she serves the Balance, doing its will before Finbardin’s, and like me, she has told many lies and kept many secrets.”  Kandol Elf Lord

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