On the Prophecies

“Thanks to the Lady, I know more of the Prophecies’ secrets than most of the Gods and until today, I’ve kept them close to my heart.  I’ve lived on Sangrar a long time, Jerilyn, many lifetimes worth, and I grow weary of the world.  But, thank Finbardin, I have seen signs that we’re moving towards the final confrontation.  The day of my rebirth in the Outermost Heavens is at hand, and so I must pass on the Lady’s wisdom.  I have chosen you, Jerilyn, to put the Prophecies down in writing, a feat never before done.  The Prophecies must not be lost so I leave it to you, old friend, to preserve them for posterity, but take caution.  This is a loose translation at best.  As originally rendered, the Prophecies assaulted the Craeylu on a multitude of levels, containing hints of the future far too complex for mere words to express.”  Kandol Elf Lord

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