On the Prophecies

“Thanks to the Lady, I know more of the Prophecies’ secrets than most of the Gods and until today, I’ve kept them close to my heart.  I’ve lived on Sangrar a long time, Jerilyn, many lifetimes worth, and I grow weary of the world.  But, thank Finbardin, I have seen signs that we’re moving towards the final confrontation.  The day of my rebirth in the Outermost Heavens is at hand, and so I must pass on the Lady’s wisdom.  I have chosen you, Jerilyn, to put the Prophecies down in writing, a feat never before done.  The Prophecies must not be lost so I leave it to you, old friend, to preserve them for posterity, but take caution.  This is a loose translation at best.  As originally rendered, the Prophecies assaulted the Craeylu on a multitude of levels, containing hints of the future far too complex for mere words to express.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Wine

“The Highlands are known for their reds.  The slopes of Dragonback Ridge are elevated and the climate just right.  I once tasted a vintage from Bellfleur vineyard bottled the year Varzin Albaster came to Renk that was not to be believed.  Smooth and smoky, it lingered on the tongue.  But, if you prefer whites, then I’d recommend something from Danfarthing.”    Jerilyn of Colcester