On Dark Ones

“Each species of Dark One had its own place in the Darkhold.  The Maldoks were on top, fell sorcerers of dark repute that the Dark Lord chose to captain his legions and guard against treachery from the Erlikarrin, especially Cthar, whose designs on the Throne of Terror were well known to the Dark Lord.  After the Maldoks came the Jixari, the cruelest of the Dark Ones and Cthar’s favorites.  I touched their thoughts, Jerilyn, and you can’t imagine the depths of their depravity.  After these two came the lesser Dark Ones – Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Giants and the rest –  great in numbers but naught else.  The Ulgarja were bred with strength to rule but lacked cunning and never amounted to being more than Zara’s pets.  The most feared denizen of the Darkhold, save the Dark Lord and his godlings, was none other than the Traitor; his malevolence dwarfed all others.  He may once have been as you or I, but his resurrection in the Pits transformed him into a primal force for evil.  Neither Dark One nor Elder Race, he was both more and less than either.”   Kandol Elf Lord

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