On Turning

“Rabyn was not the only God to go mad.  Remember the Caretaker?  Jealousy was her undoing.  She never forgave the Explorer for accepting Aeriel’s assistance or for spurning her offer to help with Velya, Vyllna and Vorya.  He tried to explain, but she would hear none of it and slunk off to Velya, where her jealousy twisted into hate in the moonshadow, making her easy prey for the Dark Lord’s whispers.  Personally, I have more sympathy for Rabyn’s plight.  His madness stemmed from his love for the Dolforro and as twisted as he’d become, at least he was trying, albeit in some perverted fashion, to do good, as he saw it.  But her defection was due to much baser motives.”  Kandol Elf Lord  

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