On Honor

“Honor is a powerful thing, Jerilyn and it’s not limited to the Forge Folk.  Honor shook Aeris out of his doldrums, not the Lady.  She may have nudged him, but in the end, he had to decide for himself that enough was enough.  He hardened his grief into a spear of honor that gave him the courage to lead.  I’ve seen it time and time again over the centuries.  When Topaz of Bayor blinded Galamark, the Lord of Renk hid in shame for years before emerging from seclusion to lead the scattered armies of Renk against the Bayorian occupation.”   Kandol Elf Lord

On Tirel

“I did meet a Bardalla once.  He was a man of power, though his power was not the arcane might of the Spires, he wielded a different power altogether.  I was reminded of the Bardalla by Dommler the Mad.  Once a promising crusader in the Church of Anir, he turned his back on his faith and became a mystic steeped in the lore of the ancient world.  He told me once that he spoke with spirits.”    Wizard of the Blue Lagoon