On Treachery

“History abounds with examples of treachery, reminders that sorrow has indeed entered the world.  The breaking of the Stones, the murder of King Emerre and the God-Emperor’s spy are among the more perfidious betrayals in the annals of Sangrar, but there have been others.  Only in the Years of Glory, when the Full Radiance still shone and life was pure and idyllic, did people live without fear.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On the Grove

“I must confess, Jerilyn, I never found courtly intrigue all that intriguing.  My upbringing might have had something to do with it.  Visitors to the Grove were few and far between.  That’s partly why I went to Tyrnavalle.  It was so much quieter there.”    The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon