On Religion

“The hardest part of life after the Darkening was the loss of the Maiden.  Without Her, our religion ceased to exist.  You have to understand, Jerilyn, prayer was our most sacred responsibility; it kept the Dark Lord imprisoned.  When She departed, She left a huge void in our lives.  It wasn’t until the next age, when the Primals brought forth new Gods to serve Mankind that religion returned to Sangrar, though the religions of humanity bear no resemblance to the Maiden’s worship.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Dol Melerith

“I disagree, Jerilyn.  I could have sent one of my sons, I suppose, but they were the perfect choice.  The evil in the Shadowgrim was the Traitor risen anew and no one knew him better than they did.  I knew that they were up to the challenge and history has proven me right.  I’ll admit, it may have been a bit selfish on my part.  After so many had taken the Path, I was not eager for my sons to leave my side, but that was secondary to my decision.  I did not underestimate them as others did.  I had witnessed their strength firsthand.”  Kandol Elf Lord