On Revenge

“Revenge is a powerful motivator.  Properly focused, it can grant tremendous clarity of purpose, but it has a significant drawback that I call short sightedness.  Some might call it a benefit, but not I.  It’s never safe to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else.  Once, I sought revenge against Archon, a primitive warlord that had done me some petty injustice that I’ve long since forgotten and the price of my folly was high.  While I pursued him in the eastern islands, one of my enemies attacked my tower in Renk.  After that, I learned to control my desire for revenge.  Patience is a virtue well worth mastering, particularly for someone of my long-lived stature.”  The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon


On Wizards

“Avery a wizard?  Hah!  That is like thinking a seedling one of Heaven’s Sildars or a newborn kitten a lion.  He knew a few tricks and made good use of them, I might add, but a wizard?  Hardly!  He knew nothing of the Spires and had to rely on incantations to harness their power.  That was the mark of a hedge wizard, not an adept.”    The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon