On Three

“You might think that two, the number of the Necessity is the most potent number, but it’s not.  That honor is reserved for three.  A special number in the annals of Sangrar, three figures prominently – three Heroes, three Suns, three Moons and of course, three Harnae and three Erlikarrin.  It makes sense if you think about it, Jerilyn.  Three is the number of the Balance and the Balance presides over the Necessity.  Therefore, three should be greater than two.  The true power of three is to go beyond the Necessity, to join the Opposition and give birth to something greater.  The Sword, the Hero, the Gift – each is the embodiment of three.  You were there at the end, with the Herald.  You, more than anyone, knows the unimaginable power of thrice-fold three.”  The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon

On Umbar


“It broke my heart, Jerilyn, to learn of it.  I knew Umbar in the days of old and he was a warm god, adventuresome in spirit and friend to all.  He did like to flex his muscles, so to speak, but not in spite.  He liked to challenge, it was his nature according to my uncle Indallar, and if anyone would have known, it was him.  ‘By Umbar’s frothy beard’ Indallar used to say… Umbar would have never begrudged the Maiden Her due or wanted the Devotees slain in his name.  He was not a jealous god.”    Kandol Elf Lord