On Change

“Things will get better, Jerilyn, they always do.  I’ve lived through this before, remember?  Living off the land is a bit rough at first, but soon the survivors will start rebuilding.  After we part company, I don’t know where I’ll go, but wherever I settle, it won’t be the same as it was.  The world is different now.  The Blue Lagoon, the Towerof Renk, the Grove, those were special places, the Grove most of all.  In your day, only Kandol’s home atop the Mountainof Cloudscame close to rivaling it.  In this new world, where the ancient Gods and Heaven are no more, the Grove is but a legend from a time long lost.  I am an anomaly, Jerilyn, born in an age so far gone that it has faded from fable.”  The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon

On Dol Melerith

“It was Aeris’s idea initially.  A thousand years before the time of Thar, a dark and twisted evil from the Elder Days came down from the Darkstar and formed the Shadowgrim.  The Dark Ones following the ancient evil named it the Shadow Lord, though I knew it by other names.  After a century and a half, the Shadowgrim spread to cover an area stretching southeast from the Briarwood Forest.  Aeris had no great desire to leave Pel Aesylle, but the growing shadow in the east worried him.  More than most, he knew the evil that grew in the murky fens of the Shadowgrim.  He and Ilnaya founded the Elvenhome Dol Melerith deep in the heart of the Briarwood, which my people called the Dael Shaelyn.  From there, they stood vigilant against the shadow to the east, warding Mankind for centuries against its nameless evil.  Maelryn and Emerre they left behind, in my care, much to their later regret.  The Balance warps all within its reach.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On resting

“I was unaware of the momentous events unfolding in Sangrithar until the Lady told me of Hali and his predicament.  Yes, I had means of scrying, several in fact, but by then I was content on my mountaintop and loath to spy upon Mankind.”   Kandol Elf Lord