On the Traitor

“To this day, I don’t know how he came to be.  He may have been reborn in the Pits, but he was much more than a Dark One.  Pure evil, he reeked of death and wielded fell power that eclipsed that of the darkest Maldok adept.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Humadin

“One time, a group of adventurers came to the Blue Lagoon seeking my help on some save-the-world-quest, you know the type.  They hailed from Renk, but one of them, a paladin named Lindair, was Humadin.  I tell you, Jerilyn, the brand of the bear was stamped upon his shoulder, but he knew nothing of the people of the steppes.  He claimed to have traveled through a fold in the Girdle to another world where he fell in battle to a demon bear.  He awakened in Renk, as I met him, reborn as a warrior of the bear clan.”  The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon

On Sorcery

“Kandol had no reason to mourn the loss of his Earth Magik; there was nothing he couldn’t accomplish with sorcery.  Trained as a high adept by my parents in the Grove of the Silver Birch, he knew spells that others could never hope to master and the depths of his power ran deeper than the Halls of Ruling.  Nor did the Age of Man cause his power to dim.  The Towers of Sorcery did not bind him as they did mortal wizards and he could tap the Spires unhindered.”   The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon