On Religion

“After the Darkening, religion as it had been known no longer existed.  Yes, the people gave homage to the Gods and called upon them in their need, but the only true religion had been the Maiden’s and that was based upon preserving the World Walker’s Seals.  Once the Nightbringer broke free and She fled Sangrar, there was no need.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On Light Elves

“Velora’s people, the Light Elves, were underappreciated.  While my Grandfather and his sons built the Elven kingdoms of old, Arethnal’s people led a pure and simple life.  They passed their days studying the Heavens and those who achieved the deepest level of understanding became Elders of the Seasons after passing the ritual.  Long before I became the Balance’s servant, I was fortunate enough to grasp the secrets of the Pattern and attained the status of Elder, but in this, Velora was always my better.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Promises

“No, Jerilyn.  I never regretted my oath to Thar and Raena, despite what came of it.  Even then, I knew Thar’s identity, though it was not for me to reveal.  As the servant of the Balance, I was duty bound to offer my aid.  Duty can be a terrible burden.”  Kandol Elf Lord