On Kandol

“I used to think that he didn’t like talking about those things when Velora was nearby, but I came to realize that she knew more of Kandol’s exploits with the Goddesses than I ever would.  In retrospect, I think that he was simply shy.  Most people would have been proud to have been favored by two Goddesses, but not Kandol.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On the Prophecies

“I can sense it, Jerilyn.  The Prophesies are in motion once more.  Soon, I will leave the Mountain of Clouds and see it through to the end.  It has been a long time since the first promise was made, my friend, a very long time and I am weary.  I hope, when it is over, that the Balance will let me rest.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Sangrithar

“In my day, long after the time of Hali, a council of elected lords had responsibility for setting and upholding the law in Sangrithar.  They were led by the Lord of the Vaulted Dome, named for the great hall in which the council met.  Strangely, given that the rest of the council was elected by popular vote, the leader was determined in a trial by combat held once every seven years.  I always thought that might have been a remnant of the God-Emperor dynasty, a bone thrown into the city’s charter to appease the nobility after Hali’s departure.”   Jerilyn of Colcester