On Folds

“The Primals saw much in the Void and, having traveled with the Herald, I can assure you, that life within the Girdle is only one of life’s many aspects.  There are other places, stranger and more alien than anything you can imagine, hiding in the cracks of Esel.  Ardilun was one such place, but others lurk in the Girdle’s folds, more terrible than your darkest nightmares.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On The Eternal Warrior

“Vin-Grandalar celebrates the Eternal Warrior, but the Devotees were mostly ignorant of that champion’s true place in history.  They knew only that the Eternal Warrior was a Dwarven hero of the Elder Days who hunted the Maiden’s enemies, and they sang his praises once every year because the priestesses told them to.  But the priestesses of the inner circle knew the secret of the Eternal Warrior.  They knew his greater burden and his connection to the ancient evil in the east.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On Promises


“All heroes of the Prophecies suffer from loneliness, it is the price exacted by the Balance.  Take me, for example.  My promises isolated me from those I loved most.  If not for Velora, I would be as mad as the God-Emperors.  Even Valdarag, who wore the mantle of the Warrior for only a short time, paid the toll when he became the Eternal Warrior.  I feel for Andis, she has been without others of her kind far longer than she deserves, but her loneliness, and mine, is nothing next to the loneliness born by he whom I shall not name.  He has truly been alone.”   Kandol Elf Lord