On Sorrow

“The years after the Rekindling were difficult times for the survivors.  The Elder Races no longer held exclusive dominion over Sangrar.  They shared it with the Dark Ones during the shadow of the night.  Once peaceful and serene, Sangrar lost its virgin innocence and became a place of hazardous dangers.  In years gone by, the Elder Races would have taken solace in the worship of the Maiden, but she had abandoned Sangrar and Her loss created a void for the Elder Races.  The survivors rebuilt what they could, but the kingdoms of the Elder Days never again approached the splendor they had under the Full Radiance of the Three Suns.  Just as the Prophecies had foretold, sorrow had entered the world, and now that it had a foothold, it would not let go.  Daeryss was not the only one to fall under the Dark Ones’ lure, though he was the most notorious.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On Humadin

“After leaving the Mountain of Clouds, I journeyed to the Northern Steppes to meet the Humadin.  Kandol had piqued my curiosity.  For a while, I fell in with the Eselkaru, the eagle clan, and lived on the platforms built into the branches of the spruces common to the western steppes.  They were experts with the javelin and the malkanta, a broad-bladed sword.  Their Bardalla, a man named Jendallu, had a gift for putting people at ease.  He always seemed to know just what they wanted.  The Eselkaru said that he was strong in the ways of the Spirit World.”  Jerilyn of Colcester