On Earth song

“I was like a blind man regaining his sight.  Deprived of the Stones for so long, I welcomed their song as a long lost friend, little realizing what my actions portended.  After the Reckoning, I realized that was the moment of victory.  If not for that, I might not have known how to make that which was dead live again.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Sangrithar

“Back then, the Sangritharian Empire stretched from the western shores of Fanar to the Andurant River in the south and the Steppes of the Humadin to the north.  The kingdoms of Sidona and Ambisant came later, after the Pearl Throne toppled.  Cormane, Tanylcar and Umbari were all outlying provinces in the west, where little imperial gold was spent.  The people had no great love for the God-Emperor and were ripe for rebellion.  ”    Jerilyn of Colcester