On Heroes

“Kandol told me about the pattern just before the final gambit.  Even then, I didn’t understand the truth until the Herald enlightened me, which, I fear, is driving me mad.  I do remember this.  There are always three Heroes.  The Warrior, the Prince and the Priestess.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On the Balance

“False prophets for false gods, Tarik.  The Long Night has passed and we’re in a new age, an age where the gods no longer exist.  They are gone, alive only in dusty myth, mere fodder for bedtime stories.  Once upon a time they may have been real, but now they are the substance of dreams.  Only the Balance is real.  Everything else is illusion.  I have traveled beyond the Girdle with the Herald and seen the truth … Arrgh!  Pass me that wine, Tarik.  My head is pounding again.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On Earth magik

“I miss the Earth Magik, Jerilyn, more than I could possibly describe.  You, who never heard the rhythm of the earth song, who never heard its harmonies run beneath the earth’s mantle, could not hope to understand its chorus, nor the rapture of the Maiden.  In the height of our devotions, She would come to us and we would revel, spurred on by her honeyed-musk scent.  Sometimes, She would do more than appear before us, sometimes She would take over our bodies and our spirits and then, our ecstasy knew no bounds.”   Kandol Elf Lord