On Elehu

“The two Fire Elehu were as different as night and day.  The Summer Lord blessed our fields and orchards from his home inside Edda, and under his beneficent watch, we never wanted for food.  His brother, Yarnor the Ravager, dwelled in the fires of MountXoradawhere only the doughtiest might find him.  A raging spirit, the Ravager personified the explosive beauty of fire, a deadly force of destruction driven by the Necessity.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Promises

“My penchant for promises is inherited, Jerilyn, not learned.  My father fell for my mother the moment he saw her.  They bound themselves to one another with an oath sworn to the Earth Mother in her Maiden aspect and her brother, Humak the Beast Lord.  From that promise sprang others, not yet fulfilled, that I shall not speak of.”     Kandol Elf Lord

On Sangrithar

“After the fall of the dynasty, the Coliseum of the God-Emperors was torn down and slavery outlawed.  Thereafter, gladiators were considered members of an honored profession, not slaves, and they battled in a new stadium, not built upon the blood of its victims.”   Jerilyn of Colcester