On Andis

“The hardest part of being in Indalle was keeping Andis’s secrets.  The death of Indis, the loss of Andis and Ilnaya’s abduction had all taken their toll on my uncle.  The Indallar of my youth, a carefree lord with a winsome smile and a bold flair about him, had vanished into myth.  A tired Sea King ruled the City of the Grotto in his stead, weary from the burdens of command.  If I’d told him the truth about Andis, I’d have lifted his spirits, but my oaths prevented me.  By the Stones, I’ve had my fill of promises and secrets.”   Kandol Elf Lord

On Elehu

“The two Fire Elehu were as different as night and day.  The Summer Lord blessed our fields and orchards from his home inside Edda, and under his beneficent watch, we never wanted for food.  His brother, Yarnor the Ravager, dwelled in the fires of MountXoradawhere only the doughtiest might find him.  A raging spirit, the Ravager personified the explosive beauty of fire, a deadly force of destruction driven by the Necessity.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On the Traitor

“To this day, I don’t know how he came to be.  He may have been reborn in the Pits, but he was much more than a Dark One.  Pure evil, he reeked of death and wielded fell power that eclipsed that of the darkest Maldok adept.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Caerycal

“Sangrar has many ghosts, Jerilyn.  It comes from being an ancient world and host to many legends.  Once, I looked for the Sword in the ashes of Elrasirre, but the ghosts of the Living City bid me leave.  I never went back and now the Elvetur is long gone and Elrasirre’s ashes have scattered in the wind.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Swans

“Those swans were special, Jerilyn.  They flew circles over Indalle celebrating the day she was born and they never left her side.  They were her first children, then came Maelryn and Emerre.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Umbar


“It broke my heart, Jerilyn, to learn of it.  I knew Umbar in the days of old and he was a warm god, adventuresome in spirit and friend to all.  He did like to flex his muscles, so to speak, but not in spite.  He liked to challenge, it was his nature according to my uncle Indallar, and if anyone would have known, it was him.  ‘By Umbar’s frothy beard’ Indallar used to say… Umbar would have never begrudged the Maiden Her due or wanted the Devotees slain in his name.  He was not a jealous god.”    Kandol Elf Lord

On Dol Melerith

“I disagree, Jerilyn.  I could have sent one of my sons, I suppose, but they were the perfect choice.  The evil in the Shadowgrim was the Traitor risen anew and no one knew him better than they did.  I knew that they were up to the challenge and history has proven me right.  I’ll admit, it may have been a bit selfish on my part.  After so many had taken the Path, I was not eager for my sons to leave my side, but that was secondary to my decision.  I did not underestimate them as others did.  I had witnessed their strength firsthand.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On the Maiden

“The Devotees’ worship of the Maiden bore little resemblance to the revelry of the Elder Days, Jerilyn, but how could it?  The Stones were gone, the earth song silent and the Maiden now lived in fabled Ardilun.  They knew the Maiden, but the Lady and the Crone were strangers and the Earth Mother was an ancient, hollow name.  They took the traditions I gave them and those that the priestesses brought back from Ardilun and forged new traditions, new ways to celebrate Her.”    Kandol Elf Lord


On Nammydan

“My father?  History has not treated my father well, Jerilyn.  Sandwiched between Grandfather’s exploits and my own oft-exaggerated accomplishments, his deeds did not weather well the tests of time.  Consider also his brothers.  It is not so easy to stand tall amidst legends.  ”  Kandol Elf Lord