On Sangrithar

“Sangrithar was not a pleasant place in those days, Jerilyn.  I did visit from time to time, always incognito of course, not that anyone would recognize me, but I’d invariably return to my home in Tyrnavalle.  I much preferred the wilds of the subcontinents to Sangrithar’s civilization.  By your day, things were different.  Mad emperors, deluded by false claims of divinity no longer sat upon the Pearl Throne and some semblance of order had been restored, though the City of the Golden Star never again attained the splendor it had achieved during the reign of the Priest-Kings.”   The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon

On resting

“I was unaware of the momentous events unfolding in Sangrithar until the Lady told me of Hali and his predicament.  Yes, I had means of scrying, several in fact, but by then I was content on my mountaintop and loath to spy upon Mankind.”   Kandol Elf Lord

On Earth magik

“I miss the Earth Magik, Jerilyn, more than I could possibly describe.  You, who never heard the rhythm of the earth song, who never heard its harmonies run beneath the earth’s mantle, could not hope to understand its chorus, nor the rapture of the Maiden.  In the height of our devotions, She would come to us and we would revel, spurred on by her honeyed-musk scent.  Sometimes, She would do more than appear before us, sometimes She would take over our bodies and our spirits and then, our ecstasy knew no bounds.”   Kandol Elf Lord

On the God-Emperor

“The power of the God-Emperors didn’t come from the Spires, Jerilyn, nor was it a derivative of Spirit’s cheap, forgotten magik.  Issuing from a wellspring of divinity, it was altogether different, and, when fully vested in one of the blood, a power to be reckoned with.  The taint of shadow did not strip its potency.  If anything, the wild chaos of madness made it more formidable.”   The Wizard of the Blue Lagoon

On Sangrithar

“Ancient Sangrithar was the mightiest of the kingdoms of Man.  In its heyday, it came close to rivaling the beauty of my beloved Nammovalle, but by the time of Hali, it had become a den of iniquity.  I petitioned the Lady more than once for permission to honor my vow, but she merely shook her head and counseled me to have patience.  In the end, the Balance did prevail, as it always does, but far too much blood was spilled.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Promises

“No, Jerilyn.  I never regretted my oath to Thar and Raena, despite what came of it.  Even then, I knew Thar’s identity, though it was not for me to reveal.  As the servant of the Balance, I was duty bound to offer my aid.  Duty can be a terrible burden.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Kandol

“After pulling down the Darkhold, Kandol retired to Tar-Vydael, his tower atop the Mountain of Clouds.  Weary from the toils of his labor, he hoped to devote his days to the study of the Balance and leave the fate of the world to other, more deserving heroes.  The promise his parents had made to the Maiden and the Beast Lord amidst the Stones of Jahar so long ago, the vow that had bound him in secrecy and forced him to lie to those he loved, had been repaid at last, or so he thought.  But the Balance did not agree.”    Jerilyn of Colcester