On Sorrow

“The years after the Rekindling were difficult times for the survivors.  The Elder Races no longer held exclusive dominion over Sangrar.  They shared it with the Dark Ones during the shadow of the night.  Once peaceful and serene, Sangrar lost its virgin innocence and became a place of hazardous dangers.  In years gone by, the Elder Races would have taken solace in the worship of the Maiden, but she had abandoned Sangrar and Her loss created a void for the Elder Races.  The survivors rebuilt what they could, but the kingdoms of the Elder Days never again approached the splendor they had under the Full Radiance of the Three Suns.  Just as the Prophecies had foretold, sorrow had entered the world, and now that it had a foothold, it would not let go.  Daeryss was not the only one to fall under the Dark Ones’ lure, though he was the most notorious.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On Turning

“Rabyn was not the only God to go mad.  Remember the Caretaker?  Jealousy was her undoing.  She never forgave the Explorer for accepting Aeriel’s assistance or for spurning her offer to help with Velya, Vyllna and Vorya.  He tried to explain, but she would hear none of it and slunk off to Velya, where her jealousy twisted into hate in the moonshadow, making her easy prey for the Dark Lord’s whispers.  Personally, I have more sympathy for Rabyn’s plight.  His madness stemmed from his love for the Dolforro and as twisted as he’d become, at least he was trying, albeit in some perverted fashion, to do good, as he saw it.  But her defection was due to much baser motives.”  Kandol Elf Lord  

On Andis

“The hardest part of being in Indalle was keeping Andis’s secrets.  The death of Indis, the loss of Andis and Ilnaya’s abduction had all taken their toll on my uncle.  The Indallar of my youth, a carefree lord with a winsome smile and a bold flair about him, had vanished into myth.  A tired Sea King ruled the City of the Grotto in his stead, weary from the burdens of command.  If I’d told him the truth about Andis, I’d have lifted his spirits, but my oaths prevented me.  By the Stones, I’ve had my fill of promises and secrets.”   Kandol Elf Lord

On Elehu

“The two Fire Elehu were as different as night and day.  The Summer Lord blessed our fields and orchards from his home inside Edda, and under his beneficent watch, we never wanted for food.  His brother, Yarnor the Ravager, dwelled in the fires of MountXoradawhere only the doughtiest might find him.  A raging spirit, the Ravager personified the explosive beauty of fire, a deadly force of destruction driven by the Necessity.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Folds

“The Primals saw much in the Void and, having traveled with the Herald, I can assure you, that life within the Girdle is only one of life’s many aspects.  There are other places, stranger and more alien than anything you can imagine, hiding in the cracks of Esel.  Ardilun was one such place, but others lurk in the Girdle’s folds, more terrible than your darkest nightmares.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On Kandol

“I used to think that he didn’t like talking about those things when Velora was nearby, but I came to realize that she knew more of Kandol’s exploits with the Goddesses than I ever would.  In retrospect, I think that he was simply shy.  Most people would have been proud to have been favored by two Goddesses, but not Kandol.”  Jerilyn of Colcester

On the Traitor

“To this day, I don’t know how he came to be.  He may have been reborn in the Pits, but he was much more than a Dark One.  Pure evil, he reeked of death and wielded fell power that eclipsed that of the darkest Maldok adept.”  Kandol Elf Lord

On Kandol

“Kandol was a person of purpose, Tarik, a lord of great import with a destiny to fulfill.  The sad thing is, he devoted his life to the pursuit of knowledge, yet never understood the truth until the end.  His time in the Grove, his studies in Alyrre, his years on the Mountain of Clouds, these shaped him into what he was – a sorcerer, an Earthmage, a priest, and a healer.  But, more than anything, he was an agent of the Balance, its designate to fulfill the Prophecies.  That night in Indalle, he learned from Embyrl the truth of the threat he posed to the Dark Lord, though it took him millennia to accept it.  Jerilyn of Colcester

On Caerycal

“Sangrar has many ghosts, Jerilyn.  It comes from being an ancient world and host to many legends.  Once, I looked for the Sword in the ashes of Elrasirre, but the ghosts of the Living City bid me leave.  I never went back and now the Elvetur is long gone and Elrasirre’s ashes have scattered in the wind.”  Kandol Elf Lord